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Introducing Maka Health

A guided community of health practitioners. A marketplace curated just for you.
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Our platform

Our platform is designed to be your single home for all your functional wellness needs and we’re making it intelligent with health recommendations designed just for you, too.

A new perspective on health management

1. Start your journey with the Functional Wellness intake, leading to health advice based on your unique biology and symptoms — and then meeting your guide.

2. Continue your journey by getting organized in your personal and private health data vault — ready to share with your trusted connections.

3. Find your wellness rhythm with weekly check-ins and quarterly deep dives to simplify staying focused — and monitor your outcomes.

Why Maka Health

Maka Health is
more integrative

With the Maka Health platform, you can upload your personal health data (and soon of your loved ones) into a secure software, including genomics report, lab tests, supplements and more!

After analyzing the information inputted, it will then recommend a variety of supplements you can integrate into your daily life to optimize your health!

All recommendations are science backed and vetted by top-tier health practitioners in the field.

Founding practitioners

Practitioners collaborate to access your unique needs

Danna Levy Hoffmann

A graduate of The Institute For Integrative Nutrition specializing in gut health, Danna’s expertise includes proper nutrition, vitality, health eating and living a renewed lifestyle.

Mary Pines

Mary Pines, PhD

With a Cambridge doctorate in genetics and cellular biology, as a health optimization specialist Mary loves bringing longevity-enhancing natural and lifestyle medicine to the people she guides.

Dr. Arjuna Veeravagu

Dr. Arjuna Veeravagu, ND

Dr. Arjuna Veeravagu has been a naturopathic physician for two decades. His background at Berkeley’s nutritional biochemistry lab has informed his focus on data-driven, complex internal medicine.

Marketplace gallery

Buy with confidence. Your personalized supplement list features NSF-certified products that are made in US-based FDA-registered and GMP-certified facilities.

dr mary pines

“Functional wellness is about maximizing your ‘healthspan’ and preventing disease, rather than waiting until you’re sick to take action. Our training program is about guiding you towards this balance and vitality with precision & practicality.”

Dr. Mary Pines, PD (Molecular Biology, Genetics & Biochemistry)

Instructor & Head of Health Science, Maka Health

“Solving medical issues is not easy, it is hard to find the right physician that is not only knowledgeable enough but has the right mindset and drive. After several failed attempts to be heard by various GPs and cardiologists, I found Maka where the right questions were asked straight out of the gate so my symptoms were properly assessed and I was put on the right treatment plan.”

Rob Boardman, 36, Whistler

Private Securities Trader

“I tried for years to feel “normal” again, after struggling with fatigue, stress intolerance, and digestive issues for over a decade. Within weeks Maka had set me on course to optimal wellness. Not only have I addressed the symptoms that were slowing me down, but I have a snapshot of what I uniquely need to do to optimize my wellbeing holistically. And I haven’t felt this good for over a decade!”

Derrick Yoder, 33, Indiana

Book Editor, Centre for Integral Wisdom

Join our community to find answers to your questions

Does Maka Health membership qualify for insurance?

Through many employers, Maka Health membership qualifies for a partial reimbursement through FSA and HSA programs. Start by contacting your insurance company and then contact us at so that we can ensure we provide you with the required documentation for reimbursement.

How do I know what practitioner to work with?

As a member, you will be assigned a functional wellness guide to act as your support and concierge towards other more specialist practitioners on the platform. In time, and as we learn about you and your unique health status, our algorithm will recommend supplemental practitioners as well.

How long does it take for a member to see results?

All of our memberships are a minimum of three months because that is the maximum time required for most members to see results; that said, many individuals will start seeing results as early as two weeks if they are taking the recommended supplements and following other health advice.

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