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What is functional wellness?

“Functional wellness is defined as one’s ability to perform daily activities and fulfil usual roles(1). 

Maka’s Functional Wellness Training is a systems-based approach that aims to identify and fix the root cause rather than simply mask symptoms of illness and disease. It engages both patient and practitioner in a therapeutic partnership, and offers optional community and family support networks.”

1. Wilson IB, Cleary PD. Linking clinical variables with health-related quality of life. A conceptual model of patient outcomes. JAMA. 1995;273(1):59–65. [PubMed] [Google Scholar]

Why Team Training

Training and tools to achieve life optimization, peak performance and team cohesion – designed for today’s remote and hybrid workforces.

Functional wellness is a powerful discipline that empowers workplaces to address normal stresses, work productively and realize each others’ individual potential – while building community. We help by:

  • Improving sleep, nutrition and movement that are sub-optimal and lead to challenges showing up fully.
  • Identifying and maintaining individualized wellness rhythms that match lifestyle with biology.
  • Initiating a supportive community that provides a mirror for progress and motivation.

Today is always the right time to get healthy and stay healthy. All trainees will come away with transformative tools to make healthy decisions in life and work.

dr mary pines

“Functional wellness is about maximizing your ‘healthspan’ and preventing disease, rather than waiting until you’re sick to take action. Our training program is about guiding you towards this balance and vitality with precision & practicality.”

Dr. Mary Pines, PD (Molecular Biology, Genetics & Biochemistry)

Instructor & Head of Health Science, Maka Health

“Solving medical issues is not easy, it is hard to find the right physician that is not only knowledgeable enough but has the right mindset and drive. After several failed attempts to be heard by various GPs and cardiologists, I found Maka where the right questions were asked straight out of the gate so my symptoms were properly assessed and I was put on the right treatment plan.”

Rob Boardman, 36, Whistler

Private Securities Trader

“I tried for years to feel “normal” again, after struggling with fatigue, stress intolerance, and digestive issues for over a decade. Within weeks Maka had set me on course to optimal wellness. Not only have I addressed the symptoms that were slowing me down, but I have a snapshot of what I uniquely need to do to optimize my wellbeing holistically. And I haven’t felt this good for over a decade!”

Derrick Yoder, 33, Indiana

Book Editor, Centre for Integral Wisdom

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How long is the training?

The training is delivered over 11 weeks, which is most often delivered sequentially, though sometimes we’ll break the course into two training sprints to account for holiday periods.

How much time will it take a week?

The training includes two, one-hour sessions a week of mandatory live instruction over Zoom, which can be viewed asynchronisly, plus additional supplementary materials and exercises, along with optional accountability groups.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the program is CAD $3,333 per participant; however, for organizations with over 25 participants that price goes down to CAD $2,750. Alberta-based organizations are eligible for 100% reimbursement of course fees through the Canada-Alberta Job Grant.

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